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CompuStation is a trusted name for designing durable and high quality industrial computer enclosure to help protect your system from water and dust, the two most common factors damaging your system. Continuous exposure of water, dust, grease, oil and other such materials in industrial environment may damage your computer resulting in loss of data and interruption in production process. The industrial computer enclosures are designed to protect your computer from harsh environmental conditions. Computer Cabinets Industrial

An essential investment

There are various polluting elements present in the industrial environment. A constant exposure of your computer to these elements can cut shot the system life and you may end up paying more on their replacement as compared to the extra cost involved in placing them safely in enclosures.

Smooth production process

An industrial pc enclosure is essential not just for enhancing the system life but also for an interrupted production flow in the manufacturing unit. The production lines in modern day industrial units are automated and the routine operations are handled by various computers installed at critical locations in the production line. Though it makes sure that there is minimum human intervention, it also runs the risk of sudden halt in the production line if anything goes wrong in the system, such as system crash. Your computers housed in an industrial computer cabinet specifically designed for the purpose will minimize sudden system failure and thus help in smooth production process.

Varieties of designs

CompuStation has different kinds of design to take care of your industrial computer enclosure needs. Whether you have a large computer system or a small desktop size system, we have just the right product to meet your requirement. They are available in panel mounted or wall mounted designs which can be adjusted to the control unit’s or system’s position on the production floor.

Customized offerings at low cost

We at CompuStation understand the need to take care of specific requirements of a client as the systems used by them are often entirely different from others. We can assure you of providing high quality, robust design and aesthetically appealing customized industrial computer enclosures at a cost which you will find quite competitive in the market.

Call us at CompuStation to speak to our expert professionals. They will be happy to help you take the right decision in selecting an appropriate industrial computer enclosure for your manufacturing unit.